Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

Bicycle Advocacy Organizations

Here is a note from RASC member Brett Ostby:

Hello fellow RASC members!  I'm on the board of We Bike Rochester. We Bike Rochester leadership is recruiting new board members who want to be active in community organizing.  We are working to build a biking culture in Rochester that is inclusive to all abilities, ages, creeds, etc.

More info about We Bike Rochester is at the  website:
There is also a Facebook Page

No application is needed, just a statement of interest.  The board has existed for several years.  We Bike Rochester is now a chapter of BikeMN (  We are in the process of replacing leaders that have had to step away due to family and work responsibilities. All interested applicants can email me at

Thank You! - Brett Ostby


Get involved for your community!

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We educate, advocate and seek to transform with a vision of a community where there is room for all. 

Some of us ride bikes for recreation, some of us use them to get around the city; most of us are doing both. Our bikes require no gasoline and create no emissions. The racks we use to secure our bicycles require little space; we encourage our community built on health to be healthier. We are here and our numbers are growing. We seek to create change through active engagement, consistent action and relentless effort. We are your neighbors, colleagues, friends and family. We are here and the time is now.

UxB newsletters will be released weekly going forward. There are serval projects that cyclists can and should weigh in on throughout 2017. We'll keep as many riders and community members informed as we can.

 Newsletter sign up in on the website. 

Tara Freimund 

Executive Director 

United by Bike 


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