Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

                              Recreational Cycling

What is the RASC Cycling Group?

watch the video below to find out !

We Bike Rochester has several family-friendly and community building events planned for this summer.  Come join us!  And keep in touch by Facebook or at or join our email list to get updates.

September 30 (Time TBD) 3rd Annual Tweed Ride

Dress up in tweed and get out that newfangled safety-bike or your old Penny-Farthing.  We are partnering with the Rochester Public Library on this event again.

Mayowood Trail Repair June 19th

The part of the Mayowood trail that was washed out in a flood last Fall  has now been repaired. Currently there is only a gravel surface on the repaired section, so be aware of the loose gravel if you are heading east under the bridge. Parts of the trail on the other side of the bridge are also partly damaged from the heavy equipment used to repair the embankment. 

RASC Road Cycling Group 

The road cycling group held their kick-off meeting in March. For those interested in joining their group rides, check out the new links that have been added under the Road Biking page. These provide updates on ride schedule, bike advocacy groups, upcoming events calendar etc.

Bill Rogers

Here is a note from RASC member Brett Ostby:

Hello fellow RASC members!

I'm on the board of We Bike Rochester. We Bike Rochester leadership is recruiting new board members who want to be active in community organizing.  We are working to build a biking culture in Rochester that is inclusive to all abilities, ages, creeds, etc.

More info about We Bike Rochester is at the  website:
There is also a Facebook Page

No application is needed, just a statement of interest.  The board has existed for several years.  We Bike Rochester is now a chapter of BikeMN (  We are in the process of replacing leaders that have had to step away due to family and work responsibilities.

All interested applicants can email me at

Thank You!

Brett Ostby

Minnesota’s (almost) new bike route will go from St. Paul to Canada

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is finalizing U.S. Bicycle Route 41, which will use existing roads and trails to create a bike-friendly path connecting St. Paul to Grand Portage. The route is 325-miles long – that would take the average cyclist more than 21 hours to bike the entire thing (as long as there aren’t any big hills to ride up). The route is officially designated as part of the U.S. Bicycle Route System. Here is a route map

New Minnesota county bicycle maps now available online

At the request of many bicyclists, the Minnesota Dept. of transportation has developed a series of county level bicycle maps. There are 125 maps with some counties split into more than one sheet. You can click on a county name to see trails, road conditions and more. Print the maps on 8.5x11 or 11x17 paper to take along to help navigate your trip.

Go to to scope them out.

Group Rides - 2016

Regular road rides go from Bamber Valley elementary School on Mondays and from Bicycle Sports on Wednesdays. Rides start at 6:00 pm and will cover a range of distances depending on ability. Check the RASC Bulletin Board for updates on any given day.

Bike Trails / Bike Lanes

The Post Bulletin ran an editorial today stating Rochester should make some shifts in their transportation priorities towards bicycling in an effort to help MN become the #1 Bike Friendly State.  At the end they are asking readers to submit their comments.

Here's where we need you! Please consider writing a short letter to the editor with your reasons why you support bicycling in Rochester or why you ride or what you think this community can do to make it easier...ASAP

In the last two meetings with City Council members there have been very disparaging comments towards bike infrastructure in this community. This is a great way to show public support for a much needed multi-modal shift to allow for affordable transportation options.

Please forward this email to those who may be interested. 

‚ÄčYour Turn: Should Rochester expand bike lanes or bike trails?

For years, Rochester officials have debated the priority of expanding bicycle lanes vs. expanding bicycle and pedestrian trails.

What's your take? What's the most prudent way to encourage bicycling in Rochester?

Send your comments to Limit your remarks to 200 words, and include the author's name and city of residence. They will publish these comments on the Opinions page, but anonymous remarks will not be published.


Rochester Police Department Free Bike Registration
The Rochester Police Department has started a new program: 
Free Bicycle Registrations 
The Rochester Police Department has noticed a spike in bicycle thefts (thefts) and bicycle recoveries (property) on the Crime E-Alerts lately and is now offering a free bicycle registration. It will make it easier for everyone to get their stolen/lost bicycles back as their bicycle serial numbers will be registered with the police department. When reporting a lost/stole bicycle the owner will tell the officer it is registered with the crime prevention specialist in the Investigation Unit
Here is how to register 
Go to and on the home page scroll down to "BICYCLE REGISTRATION" click on "read more" and after filling out the form just click on "register now".   It will only take a couple of minutes.
Please note:
Only forms with -- serial numbers -- will be accepted as this is how stolen/lost bicycles are cataloged.




Map of the locations of dogs who chase bikes !!!

New Google Group for Road Biking

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