Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.


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Tour de Essex - 7K Trail Run 

9 AM - Saturday, October 22, 2016

Essex Park, Rochester, MN

Experience the rolling hills of the Essex Park trails at the Tour de Essex.  Support the trail maintenance by RASC volunteers at Essex Park and Quarry Hill when you participate in the Tour de Essex.  All entry fees go towards trail maintenance.

Click here for more info.

RNST Lettering Requirements Changes for the 2016/2017 season

Attention RNST Skiers: Here are the key Lettering Changes for the RNST for the 2016/2017 season

  • ·        The 1st year of participation on the Rochester Nordic Ski Team is an introductory year. Skiers will be learning the techniques of skate skiing and building skills and endurance.  First year skiers will not be eligible to earn a Varsity Letter.
  • ·        The 1st year skiers do NOT need to meet the usual lettering requirements (attendance, meets, etc) during this 1st year.
  • ·        The 2nd year and every year after that, the usual criteria will be used to determine if a skier is eligible to receive a letter
  • Full details can be found here

New RASC Ditchwitch in action !

Here is the new Ditch Witch which RASC secured through a grant from the DNR (thanks to a lot of work by Jeff Robertson on this grant application).


A trail crew led by Jeff just completed a new section of the trail at Gamehaven which is just under 1/2 mile using this unit.  The July 2nd Trail crew consisted of (left to right) Marian O'Donnell, Jim Kelly, Dakota Kelly,Jackson Raynor, Emma Raynor, and Gary Gross. These are the parents and members of the High School Team along with Coaches Marian and Gary. They rough cleared a new section of the trail that will be used in the next High School mountain bike race to be held at Gamehaven on Oct. 2.

New Minnesota county bicycle maps now available online

At the request of many bicyclists, the Minnesota Dept. of transportation has developed a series of county level bicycle maps. There are 125 maps with some counties split into more than one sheet. You can click on a county name to see trails, road conditions and more. Print the maps on 8.5x11 or 11x17 paper to take along to help navigate your trip.

Go to to scope them out.

Parkwood Hills Trail Daisies

Congrats to 2 outstanding RASC members

RNST alumnus Ian Torchia was recently selected to the U.S. Development Nordic Ski team. Only 2 U.S. skiers were selected to this group and it places Ian in a strong position to continue his development as one of the top U.S. Nordic skiers. At (almost) the other end of the age spectrum, Joey Keillor is far from being over the hill as he displayed at the Drake Relays last weekend. In the 800 meter race, Joey finished a comfortable 0.5 second ahead of the 2nd place finisher. you can see a full replay of the race here:

(scroll down a ways, Past Aly Welch and Kaitlin Miller, until you see a video on a blue track. It should just start playing without needing to hit the play button.)

$7490 raised for MTB Trail Grooming Equipment

Thanks to all the work put in by Dave Halloway, we raised $7490 for fat bike grooming in Rochester! And we're the top 45NRTH fund raiser!!! That means we have won an additional $3000 to fund the grooming equipment and trailer. Thank you to everyone!

$3000 check from 45NRTH that goes to our new Fat bike grooming equipment

Gamehaven Mountain Bike Trail Update (Dec 2015)

With outstanding fall weather, our mountain bike trail crew has completed another challenging loop. Most recently we have added a connector section that will allow us to make a long loop with the new trail going around the “south” point. This is a scenic ride along the lake with a challenging climb at the end.

Temporarily, we will use the Scout road (in red) that will take the riders to the “Rolling Thunder” campsite. Proceed through the campsite to the trail connector and have a fast downhill ride to the trail below. Trail markers – black arrows on a yellow background have been placed to guide you. Please refer to the map below.

Many thanks to all who have worked hard on weekdays and Saturday mornings to make this happen. The temporary trail will be replaced with a trail that will run through the woods behind the scout camp sites. This section has been rough cleared and will be ready for grading in the spring.

Gamehaven now has close to 7 miles of trail.

Rochester Park & Recreation Master Plan (Oct 25th 2015)

The City of Rochester Parks and Recreation Department is in the beginning stages of creating a parks and recreation master plan to guide future improvements in parks and recreation programming for the next 20 years. Your input is needed to help develop recommendations and priorities. Please follow this link to an online questionnaire asking about issues, needs, and desires for parks and recreation in Rochester. This link will be active until November 6, 2015. 

Parkwood Hills Bike Trail (Oct 25th 2015)

The city has completed development of a new 10' wide bike trail that runs from the intersection of East Circle Drive and Viola Road, through Parkwood hills and down to the Nature Center in Quarry Hill. The trail continues east from the Nature Center, and connects with RCTC.   

Gamehaven Master Plan Approved!

The Gamehaven Master plan was approved by Rochester Park and Recreation Board on June 2nd, and was approved by the Rochester City Council at its meeting on June 15th. The current version of the Master plan is attached below. note that this is a living document and will be modified and updated based on input and recommendations from planners and park staff.

Total costs for this project are estimated at over $14M !   The next stage is funding and we will begin to apply for Legacy fund and seek benefactor donations to begin work on this project.

(Note: this is a large file ~ 8 Mb)

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